Acoustic Guitar Builds

Neal’s Acoustic 018 Build

My student guitar builder Neal started a 018, 14 fret Acoustic guitar build on March 30th. He will be building a guitar along side myself and my project below is a 12 fret Parlour size guitar. Please visit and watch the projects grow. After a great success with his electric build Neal is going to build a ripper acoustic guitar .

Al’s Parlour Build

As mentor I will be building a Parlour acoustic along side Neal. Mine is a different shaped guitar, 12 fret to the body and will have a slotted headstock. I’m thinking binding allround including the headstock, fretboard and body. We will see if I can keep in front of his build to be able to achieve these time consuming accessiories.

Al’s OM Acoustic Build

The OM has been an ongoing project for a long time however I have been working on it the past months and it has almost the finish process completed. Not long now until it has its first sing.

Alison’s Mini Acoustic Build

The mini acoustic is also in the finish process so it will be completed soon.

Al’s Torres Classical Build 1

A classical guitar has been on the to do list for a long time. The first of a few will be a traditional classical 7/8s size guitar following roughly the Torres 7 strut top bracing method. The mould is now built and can be used for a bolt on or a spanish heel neck arrangement. This one will have an Englemann top with a very hard, chocolate brown Blackwood back and sides that comes from the Otway Ranges in Victoria.

Tam’s Torres Nylon String Guitar Build

One classical build why not two. It is not a bad idea to build two at once as it takes time sometimes to setup for different woodworking jobs so why not make two while your setup. This one is for my friend Tam and will be a Torres inspired 7/8s size nylon string guitar. Wood thus far will be a Englemann AAA Spruce top I bought back in 2009 and has been stored here in the workshop since then. The top will make a nice sounding instrument.

Als Torres Classical Build 2

Ok so I have started another Classical same as the first Torres build however this one will have some changes such as a different species of top, back and sides with some different things going on inside the box just for the hell of it. I will explain as I go along. I am using Lutz spruce for the top and haven’t decided on the back and sides yet. More to come.



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