Hello everyone and welcome to my website. I’m looking forward to having some wood chips flying in the workshop with a number of new projects on the bench. Presently I have two classical guitars living in the dry box at 45% humidity ready for my style of shellac finish as soon as the wet season finishes here which is usually around the start of April. I have two steel string smaller guitars slowly evolving and these two will feature some new building design such as an active back and lattice braced tops. One top is cedar and Blackwood back and sides and the other King Billy Pine with Blackwood back and sides. As you will all know I like to build two similar guitars at a time to save on time so there are two Fender style thinline telecaster copies also being built. In the Ukulele section there is one Tenor Ukulele build and it is all Blackwood. Check out the guitar build page and there are descriptions of all the builds along with action pictures that are updated every week so you can watch the builds. I hope you enjoy reading my experiences building guitars and frequent my web site. Thanks for looking. Cheers Alan